Two Northwest Company’s Working History Spans nearly 50 Years…The Evans Company Relies on Stanley Roofing to Handle Latest Additions to Snohomish Station

It’s not often that a single company can achieve a Golden Anniversary and beyond.  Equally impressive, The Evans Company has tapped Stanley Roofing as a trusted resource starting in the 1960’s.  Since 2008, Stanley has installed roofing systems for all 10 of the existing buildings at the Snohomish Station Shopping center.  Phase 2 started this winter.

Project Manager Ed Babbitt has been working with Stanley teams for all of his 32 years working at The Evans Company.  “Ray and his teams go above and beyond to maximize budget and timelines,” he said.  “Whether installing a new or replacement roofing system, I can always rely on Stanley’s superior quality and no-leak guaranty.”

Located in Bellevue, The Evans Company has provided property management services to eastside communities for nearly 50 years.  Evans currently owns and manages over 870,000 square feet, creating a diverse portfolio of properties, including office and warehouse spaces for small to medium sized companies as well as commercial retail locations ideal for national franchised tenants.

“This phase of the project posed the potential of serious winter weather,” said Ray Stanley.  “We were able to start the built up roofing just days before the big snow storm hit.   We were able to put a large workforce on site, not just building 11, but also a 6 man crew on the building 2 addition, which was completed in one day.  We were also able to put over half of building 11 in the dry, just before the snow began.”

Behind the Scenes:

  • The project consisted of 12,000 sq. ft. of Built up roofing along with insulation, crickets and taper systems.
  • The extensive custom sheet metal required the use of 20 ga. Galvanized support brackets, custom made to job site designs.
  • The cornice system would include epoxy primed sheets with a 30inch stretch out.  The intention of such a large cornice is to duplicate a common profile made of light weight Styrofoam and EIFS, coated with a mixture of stucco.

Custom:  Ray Stanley

“The Styrofoam system would have required scaffolding around the whole building as well as being dependent on near perfect weather conditions, above freezing and without rain this time of year.  The sheet metal cornice does not.”

Perfect Timing: Ray Stanley

“The sheet metal is making good progress, despite the weather.  The owner and developer do not have to wait for sun shine for us to install the cornice system.  Nor do they need to spend money on extensive two story scaffolding set up around the entire perimeter.   We will finish weeks ahead of what a EIFS system would take.”

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