Tinman Ray’s April Update: Plymouth Housing Group Re-Roof Project Featured Record Rains and Pedestrian Safety Issues

This month I wanted to recognize another successful collaboration with two of our strongest relationships, Sarnafil, Inc. and Wetherholt and Associates, to complete a tricky project for the historic Scargo Apartments, owned by Plymouth. Housing Group.

For those of you unfamiliar with Plymouth, it has grown to be one of the largest providers of low-income housing in downtown Seattle.  With over 1,000 residents and 17 retail tenants in 12 buildings, Plymouth Housing Group today has an annual operating budget of $17 million.

The Scargo/Lewiston Apartments needed a new roof.  Located in the heart of Belltown, the project presented two major challenges; Tearing off a roof and laying down a new one during record rainfall, and protecting pedestrians along the busy sidewalk on First Avenue.

Working together with Ray Wetherholt and Micha Indra, Stanley project manager Phil Thompson and the team were able to complete the project without any damage to the historic Gothic design or injury to pedestrians.

As usual, we received superior product and customer service from William Clark and his team at Sarnafil.  Sarnafil has proven to be a single-ply material that we can recommend to our clients, with our heritage and name on the line.  Stanley crews installed a Sarnafil ten-year no -dollar- limit warranty roofing system, for Plymouth.

Because of the constant threat of rain, the re-roof had to be done in segments. We staffed a 20-man work crew on- site each work day in order to accomplish the daily goal.  It was the only way to make progress and tackle the challenges of re-roofing during a historically wet winter. The sheet metal was installed as the re-roofing progressed.

We were able to protect pedestrians by erecting a scaffold system over the side walk.  Access to the front doors of the apartment lobbies, as well as three Seattle landmark restaurants; Queen City Grill, The Frontier Room and Ohana Restaurant, was never compromised!  Even Belltown Billiard’s remained opened.  Stanley crews erected a three- story debris chute that was used to safely discard the tear -off material.

The Stanley dump trucks worked in tandem to move under the chute and contain all the material inside the dump box of our trucks.  We positioned staff on the ground full- time, preventing any hazard to the pedestrians and vehicle traffic from occurring.  Stanley roofing finished the project with ZERO safety incidents.

Just the Facts:

  • The new roof is a Sarnafil G410 60 Mill PVC system.  This roofing material requires less equipment and creates fewer fumes, less smell and no smoke!
  • The sheet metal cornice and parapet wall coping was custom made to maintain the historical character of the buildings.  It was necessary to attach the anchor cleats and copings to each wall and location in an individual application.   A total of six different designs and sizes of cornice and copings were built and installed.  The colors chosen were terra cotta red and twilight blue.
  • We have done several quality projects together with Ray Wetherholt in just the last 12 months that range from single-ply and built-up roofs to composition and sheet metal systems.  These include work for the Seattle Public School District, several large churches and Plymouth Housing Group.

Stanley Roofing is looking forward to future opportunities to provide repeat excellent service to Plymouth Housing Group.  We are very proud of completing another project with Wetherholt and Associates.

For more information regarding Sarnafil, please visit http://usa.sarnafil.sika.com/

For more information regarding Wetherholt and Associates, please visit www.wetherholt.com

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