Stanley Roofing’s One Source Solutions Work Well for Long-Time Construction Leader JR Abbott to Roof St Luke’s Lutheran Church

One of only companies to provide comp roof system, insulation and sheet metal flashing/trim

After nearly 60-years operating a family-owned roofing company, the Stanley team has learned how to provide all-in-one solutions for specialized commercial projects.  For JR Abbott Construction Senior Project Engineer Andrew Bry, a single-source provider was exactly what he needed for the St Luke’s Lutheran Church.

The challenging project combined 125 squares of steep slope composition with 20 squares of low slope built- up hot roofing on a mechanical well.

Andrew Bry- “This project had similar issues as the Holy Rosary Parish related to tight timelines and inclement weather concerns.  Mark and his team were even able to beat the allotted time.  That enabled us to set the HVAC equipment ahead of schedule.”

Behind the Scenes:

  • New Addition- 125 squares- steep comp slope; 20 squares- low slope.
  • Mechanical well for HVAC.
  • Installed Comp roof= PABCO SG 30 year 3 Tab comp shingle.
  • Mechanical well- Malarkey=built up hot roof system= polyiso insulation=1/2 “retro board.

Mark Stanley- “We have the experience, equipment, manpower and insurance to handle the toughest projects.  It’s not often a company can build long- term relationships with leading manufacturers combined with in-house expertise to specialize in everything needed for comp roofing systems, built-up hot roofing with insulation and sheet metal flashing/trim. ”

Andrew Bry- “Once again, the Stanley team was easy to work with…in fact; it often felt like they were not even on-site since they went right to work with very few field questions.” The project was completed in October.

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