Cutting-Edge Design to Church Entry Poses Challenge for Team of Stanley Roofing, Foushee Construction and atelierjones Architects

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church original foyer built in 1960’s

The challenge was clear; remove the old canopy entry of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church and replace it with a new addition to complement the historical copper cladding. Even with years of combined experience, this would be the first sheet metal roof design for the team of Stanley Roofing, Foushee Construction, and atelierjones Architects.

“Stanley and the team were great to work with,” said Susan Jones, atelierjones. “Together we were able to pull off the delicate balance to ensure functional quality and aesthetics compatible with the original hemmed copper shingles.”

The team created a unique airplane wing design. Stanley Roofing was able to use a combination of old school machinery and sheet metal tools, along with new modern equipment to create the airplane wing leading edge that was desired. “We were able to use our imagination and persistence to bend the sheet metal in ways we had never done before,” said Ray Stanley. “We used rolling machinery purchased in the late 1960s along with modern turbo benders purchased in this new millennium. Together with 35 years of experience our sheet metal team of Ray Stanley, Tanner Jenkins, and Peter Stanley were able to accomplish what had never been done before.”

“Ray and his team did extremely well given the challenge to implement a new design utilizing the best match possible,” said Paul Wasell, Construction Superintendent, Foushee. “The sheet metal element was completed with a knife-edge and complete radius.”

The project was finished in time for the church to hold 2011 Christmas and holiday celebrations.

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