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Stanley Roofing proudly serves Kent and the surrounding areas providing commercial roofing services for clients across a variety of different industries. In our experience with commercial roofing in Kent, we have formed great community relations and have had the opportunity to work with some of Kent’s largest businesses and toughest roofing jobs. We work with only the top industry-standard materials for roofing and employ the finest quality roofing experts. We have worked to create a team that’s capable of taking on any challenge for roofing in Kent and we stand behind our work offering insurance and guarantees on every job that we complete.

With Stanley Roofing you gain the advantage of:

Experience: we are one of Kent’s top roofing contractors with some of the most experienced workers in the industry.

Quality: we use only the best quality construction materials on every roof we complete for commercial clients in Kent. This allows you to get the longest lifespan out of your roof. We can also make recommendations for roofing in Kent to suit the budgets of any company.

Competitive prices: Because of our experience in the industry and the efficiency rates of our crews we can offer up some the most competitive prices for roofing in Kent.

Great reputation: we have an excellent reputation through our online user reviews as well as through the Better Business Bureau.

Permits and insurance: our company will work to pull any permits that you might need for roofing in Kent and we are fully licensed and covered under bonded insurance. This means that you can enjoy full coverage in the event that an accident happens on your job site.

Comprehensive health and safety training: we train and retrain all of our staff in current health and safety standards so that we can perform our jobs as safely as possible and minimize the chances for an accident or damage to your property.

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Photo of a roofing tile job and a Stanley Roofing Kent roofing technician laying tile.

Stanley Roofing Kent – All types, all sizes, all challenges. We have the knowledge and experience it takes.

For more information about our state of the art roofing systems and partner roofing suppliers, follow this link.

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